Writer’s Log Earth Date 3-18-2023

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Earlier this week at the dayjob, a colleague said that they can count on me to give them a lift whenever we chat on the phone. That was very sweet of them to say that. I do try to come to work with a cheerful disposition. There are days were my I want burn it all to the ground self shows up. Oops! I contain multitudes. I find it hilarious that I give others a lift because I’m the one taking meds for depression.

On the writing front, I’m really resisting my edits. I need to revise to add more character reactions and emotions and I’m finding that to be really difficult. And knowing that I have to finish the last love scene and rewrite the last chapter is giving me agita just thinking about it. But I’m going to find my big girl pantaloons soon because I have an April deadline I cannot miss with my line editor.

I may be one of those writers that need external pressure to get her writing done. Not only external pressure but possibly external support? My brain understands that this is just how my brain is wired to function but decades of external conditioning that I must be a self starter and completely self sufficient to be a good worker rears its head up. I need to learn not to give too much weight to that particular inner voice. It is okay to need and ask for help.

Why is asking for help so difficult? 🙂 Anyway, what a meandering post. Bringing cheer to others is a good thing in my book. Maybe those folks I give a little lift to may also have difficulty asking for a little help in the cheering department? Don’t know but I hope so. It’s such a small thing but it means a lot to be able to share a little cheer, a little merriment, a little joy with someone else. It’s a small but meaningful way to connect with another human. And these days, I think we’re all missing connecting in a human way with another person.

What do you think?

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