Writer’s Log, Earth Date 11-26-2022

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Writer’s Log, Earth Date 11-26-2022

Progress is slower than I planned for because I’m fretting about all the things. Insert writer cackling in despair while sipping a cold cup of coffee.

Oh, what could I possible be worrying about? Allow me to list them, in no particular order.

  1. Finishing this book
  2. What do my characters actually look like?!
  3. Description, world building and setting passes before my January deadline when I can’t seem to finish this book.
  4. Foolishly scheduling a line edit for the first week of February.
  5. The cover, it is the right cover
  6. To market or not to market, do I hire a publicist to take care of that portion?
  7. To pen name or not when I’ve invested time and energy into setting up this site and the newsletter covered in cobwebs.

I know it’s all fear trying to sabotage my progress so I’m going back to basics. Using the Freedom app to stay off social media and hunkering down for the next month to make sure I finish all my revision passes by January 2nd.

I’m not going to miss that deadline.

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