Is 2022 the year I finally publish my book?

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I don’t know where to even begin this post about a book I’ve been working on for four years. I’ve learned a lot about myself in the process. First lesson was that I had no idea what made up a compelling story. I have the amazing Rachael Herron and my fellow 90 Days cohort for teaching me about story structure and community. Ah, community. I have not been as supportive of my writing folks as I’ve wanted to be but shame will do that to you. But enough about me, this book that I keep poking at needs to be loosed upon the world this year.

Not finishing this novel would be admitting defeat. I’m compelled to finish the thing. So I’ve started working with a really fantastic Story Coach and Editor, Dawn Alexander. Regular feedback on the story is helping keep my motivated and productive. I’ve also joined Jess Snyder’s HEA Club and the writers there are amazing. I’m lucky to be part of their group. Go 6AM writers! Go!

The whole business of self publishing is a bit of a labyrinth but I’m enjoying figuring out this puzzle. Hell, I managed to setup a newsletter and will add a sign up for it to this website hopefully when I figure how to do that this weekend.

It looks like December 2022 is when I will publish this little book that will not let me go.

Thanks for being here and reading these words. Wishing you happy writing and happy reading.

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  1. Sam Avatar

    I know you can do it!!! I love what I’ve read so far and can’t wait to read the whole thing!

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