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Here I am writing the first real post on this website which has been sitting here on the internet, unused for two whole years or more. It looked so alone, didn’t it? I’ve now added this picture of the Fairy Pools up in Scotland because it is one of the places I’ve enjoyed the most. It’s fitting for it to be the anchor for this post. Because why not?

Honestly, I’m not sure what I should write here other than to say hello world. *waves enthusiastically to the ether*

I’m still writing my scifi romance telenovela for mole people, currently titled Memory Lost. I’ve been working on this manuscript for almost two years. It will be two years in March, in fact. Writing this novel has been a delight and a nightmare wrapped into a knotted yarn ball. It’s been the manuscript that has taught me how to write a proper story. Editing and rewriting it has been because the more I work on it the more I see the missing pieces. Description? What ever do you mean? These characters are two bobbing heads spouting dialogue at each other in space is not good?

Smarter humans start with short stories or essays. Moi? I plunge in feet first into a novel. Pretty wild when I had written nothing since college or in any way creative in over two decades? High school may have been the first and last time I wrote anything that resembled a story.

I’m fairly certain the chihuahua story wouldn’t really qualify as one. Who knows? I can’t remember what the beginning, middle or end of it even was, and I lost the notebook I wrote it in to one of the endless moves in my teenage years. There was a rolling head involved and it is a gift to humanity those words have been lost.

For accountability’s sake, I’m staking my fork on February 15th, 2021 to have completed this revision. Good luck, future me!

Anyway, thank you for reading my musings. Signing off before I chicken out about posting this.

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