• Writer’s Log Earth Date 3-18-2023

    Earlier this week at the dayjob, a colleague said that they can count on me to give them a lift whenever we chat on the phone. That was very sweet of them to say that. I do try to come to work with a cheerful disposition. There are days were my I want burn it… Read more

  • Writer’s Log, Earth Date 11-26-2022

    Writer’s Log, Earth Date 11-26-2022 Progress is slower than I planned for because I’m fretting about all the things. Insert writer cackling in despair while sipping a cold cup of coffee. Oh, what could I possible be worrying about? Allow me to list them, in no particular order. I know it’s all fear trying to… Read more

  • Teaser for Memory Lost

    Writer’s Log, Earth Date 11-23-2022 How do you know I’m getting closer to my personal deadline for finish this draft by November 30th? I created a little teaser video for Memory Lost when I should be revising the end of this book. Created the image with Canvas’s AI engine which is a little terrifying but… Read more

  • How is it already October?

    Fun life update, writing update and Book news for author friends Read more

  • Writing is hard

    Not one of these words will be beautiful  I need to make it perfect When it doesn’t  Need to be  In the back of my mind there’s the litany running Make sure you show and don’t tell Make it the deepest pov possible Make your reader be the character  But fear holds me back I’d… Read more

  • Is 2022 the year I finally publish my book?

    I don’t know where to even begin this post about a book I’ve been working on for four years. I’ve learned a lot about myself in the process. First lesson was that I had no idea what made up a compelling story. I have the amazing Rachael Herron and my fellow 90 Days cohort for… Read more


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